Learn How to Buy and Sell a Used Cars in 3 weeks that will make you extra CASH!

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With this Challenge, YOU CAN INCREASE your income in 21 days! You can make an extra $500 up to $5,000+ per month with the skills you will learn on how to flip Used cars for a CASH PROFIT. David has created a CLEAR step by step process with these 21 MINUTE lessons that you can immediately apply each day of the Challenge. 
The 21-Day Car Flipping Challenge is designed to help you take action, learn new skills, have access to daily coaching, and gain the necessary tools to learn a repeatable process to grow your knowledge AND bank account month after month.


I've Got Your Back!

I'm David Bertoncini, a Sales Trainer that teaches how to sell cars online for a Profit! I've worked for Toyota  as a General Sales Manger for 18 years. I've have Trained Large Dealership Groups and helped Hundreds of people looking to make extra money, just like you! After  25 years in the automotive industry and 400+ Flips, I've Developed A Completely Unique Sales Process Of How To Flip Cars; That's Easy For Anyone To Learn And Start Using. My Students Have Enjoyed Recent Successes; One Student Made $3,700 In Profit On His First Flip!

2004 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner

After The Repairs,  Made Over $7,400 On This Flip

We Found this truck on Facebook Marketplace. The guy selling the truck  said that he had lost his job and needed to sell it before his next payment was due. he just wanted to get the truck paid off, or find someone to take over the payments. So I bought the truck for the payoff ($5,200). Good news was that we bought it far below book Value! the truck needed some paint work, wheels & new tires , replace the oxygen sensor, and a detail.  we posted back on Facebook Market Place with these pictures above, wrote new ad, and Sold it in one week for $14,000.

Frequently Asked Questions about The 21 Day Car Flipping Challenge

What if I don't know anything about cars?
A: That's actually a good thing! I will be able to coach and teach you a lot easier because you won't have any skeletons in the closet (bad habits 🤣) of what cars to buy and where. 
Where and how does the 21 Day Car Flipping Challenge take place?
A: The Challenge will be Located in the online Membership Area that you will gain instant access. Everyday a new Challenge is unlocked and you must post your daily progress.
Why should I trust this will work for me?
A: Flipping a Car with David  is like hiring a personal trainer; It's simple and clear what to do, diet and exercise. With a coach pushing pushing you to pick up the weights, do the exercise, sweat, and get the results🏋🏽‍♂️.

 Challenge Graduate made $3,700 on First Flip!!


A  Previous Challenge Graduate bought this from from Church member that was no longer going to be able to drive because of his eye sight and other health issues. The Rodeo only had 80,000 miles which was very low for 16 year old SUV and needed no repairs.  He bought it for only $1,500. All he did was follow what he learned in the Challenge and sold it in a week for $5,500. He made over $3,700 ! 😱 
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* DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that growth will occur in 21 days. Results vary because of many factors, including the action taken by the person taking the challenge.